Meet our Participants

Every participant has their own story –
Welcome to our amazing 4u Care Family!




Emma is one of a kind! She is full of so many facts about animals, insects, and clowns that she loves to share with all of her friends and support workers. You’re likely to hear Emma’s laugh before you see her! Emma went on her first holiday this year to Tasmania with 4u Care & who knows, Emma might end up sky diving before the year is out too!




You’ll find the wonderful Sam at The Hub 5 days a week – doing chores around the house, fitting this 6” frame into the chicken coop to fetch the fresh eggs on cooking day, quietly reading, promoting the Newcastle Knights and ALWAYS with a huge smile on his face. Sam is always first to arrive in the mornings and keeps the place in check!




Ricky is a mainstay at the 4 Hub. If you do ever pop out, you’re almost guaranteed to have the pleasure of meeting him. Ricky has been hanging out with the 4u Care crew for about 2 years now and hardly misses a day. Ricky’s go get em attitude has allowed him to try SO many new things – recently giving rock climbing a go for the first time ever. And LOVING it!



Daniel (Spooner)

Spooner is our OG 4u Superstar! Spooner started with 4u Care back in 2017 and now spends his days with ‘boys’! Guns (💪🏻) as he’s affectionately known is sure to keep you on your toes with his quick wit and loves a joke almost as much as his beloved Paramatta Eels.


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